Stephen W. Thomas Microsoft BizTalk ConsultantWelcome to my website!  My name is Stephen W. Thomas and I am an Independent Consultant specializing in Microsoft Integration Technologies, specifically BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure.  I live in Austin, Texas.

I have been working in Technology since 1998 when I started and ran an online e-commerce business.  Today, I have a strong focus in Microsoft Technologies, specifically integration using BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.  I have been working with BizTalk Server since 2001 and Azure since 2012.

I have experience with BizTalk 2000, BizTalk 2002, BizTalk 2004, BizTalk 2006, BizTalk 2006 R2, BizTalk 2009, BizTalk 2010, BizTalk 2013, BizTalk 2013 R2, Windows Azure IaaS, and Windows Azure Web API / Logic Apps.

My experience includes:

  • Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Azure API Apps
  • Azure Web APIs
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Architecting large scale on-premises solutions using BizTalk Server
  • Optimizing performance at both the code and server level
  • Setting up continuous integration and nightly builds
  • Creating automated builds and deployments in Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Developing Orchestrations, Schema, Pipelines, and Maps
  • Working with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Setting up BizTalk-based Business Rules
  • Working with BizTalk ESB Toolkit
  • Creating custom pipeline components and helper .Net methods
  • Teaching BizTalk Administration and troubleshooting
  • Mentoring and training client team members

I have working experience with HL7, HIPAA 4010 to 5010 conversions, Windows Azure, SharePoint, Windows Workflow, Windows Communication Foundation, Team Foundation Server, Commerce Server, and SQL Server.

The types of projects I typically work on generally fit into two types.  The first type is large scale, mission critical projects that have a smaller, yet essential, integration component.  I am typically responsible for all aspects of the integration and usually have a team of resources I am responsible for in terms of technical delivery.  The second type of project I usually work on is a small project with me being the only BizTalk resource responsible for complete solution delivery and basic knowledge transfer to full-time resources once complete.

Once I join a project, I am usually one of the last resources to leave because I work well with the client and become knowledgeable in all aspects of a solution, not just the integration pieces.