Community Activities

I am involved in the following Community Activities.

BizTalk and Windows Azure Community Founder and Contributor

I started back in 2005. I use it to host my blog, sample code, videos, and a community forum. With other 750,000 page views a year, is recognized as a go-to resource for most BizTalk developers.

Site Link:

BizTalk and Windows Azure Blog

I started my blog back in July of 2004 with a focus on BizTalk Server. Now with over 200 posts, I cover both BizTalk and Windows Azure.

Blog Link: BizTalk and Azure Blog

Microsoft Community Forum Contributor

I am an active contributor in the MSDN Online Forums. I frequent the BizTalk and Windows Azure sites posting responses to questions and posting sample code.

Profile Link: MSDN Profile

Azure Integration and BizTalk Consultant